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(#B3511-1514) 15mm plastic snap press buttons

(#B3511-1514) 15mm plastic snap press buttons
  • B3511-1514, 15/13/13/13.7mm

  • Long Sky

(#B3511-1514) 15mm plastic snap press buttons

1. Material: plastic button

2. Sizes availability:  

B3500-0707,   7/9.3/9.3/7mm
B3501-1010,   9.8/9.4/9.4/9.8mm
B3502-1111,   10.7/9.3/9.3/10.7mm
B3503-1212,   12/10.4/10.4/12mm
B3503-1210,   12/10.4/10.4/9.8mm
B3504-1211,   12/10.4/10.6/11mm
B3505-1212,   12/10.4/10.6/12mm
B3506-1313,   12.4/11.9/11.9/12.4mm
B3509-1414T,   14/13.9/13.9/14mm
B3510-1513,   15/12/12/12.4mm
B3511-1514,   15/13/13/13.7mm
B3512-1515,   15/12/12/15mm
B3513-1515,   15/14.3/14.3/15mm

3. Color: black, white and solid colors

4. Minimum quantity: 50 Grosses each color each size. (7,200 pieces)

5. Original: Made in Taiwan


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Long Sky Corp.

Long Sky Corp., established in 1983, has over 35 years experiences in manufacturing garment and footwear accessories. We are capable of providing large volume and prompt delivery of output at a competitive price. Our products include buttons, brooches, buckles, button tubes, beads, chains, trimmings, belts, footwear accessories and more. View our on-line showroom to select products now. Your ideas for new creations are welcome. Contact us today for more details.

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